The Last Time

from by jesh de rox

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the last time

she don't have to say
who her heart adores.
you can tell by the way she watches him
she wants nothing more.

met and fell in love
seems a life ago
now the life's come between them
let the distance grow.

every night now, waits for her love to come home
falls asleep to the sound of him still on the phone
used to be he couldn't bear to let go of her hand
it's different now, she don't understand

on a tuesday morning,
like any other day
they're getting ready for work in silence
does she feel a change?

heads for the door
she says baby stay
gonna have to do this later, he says,
i've got this crazy day

waves as he drives away
and as she crosses the street
never sees the car speeding towards her
she never sees them meet

and the call comes, 11:30 later that day
just tell the truth, he says, tell me everything is okay
i'm sorry son, says the doctor, wish i had better news
the one you love is so hard to lose

i don't have to say,
if my heart regrets
you can tell by these empty looking eyes
that i can't forget

it's seven years today
since anything was ok
i live for wishing i could do this over
and if I could, i would love you,
every moment of you,

hold the one you got,
you don't know it won't be the last time.

the last time never comes when you want it to.


from THE ONLY SUNRISE, track released September 11, 2011



all rights reserved


jesh de rox

sometimes, when you love someone enough, you don't need any of your senses to know they're close. i live for moments like that.

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